People have been asking me about various products, so I created this page of products that I recommend:
Just click on the links and they will take you to the websites 🙂

For nutritional supplements, I love Healthforce Nutritionals.

The most important thing I recommend is a green powder like vitamineral green, because we need green grasses and foods (barley grass, chlorella, etc.) to alkalize and mineralize our system.
An alkaline body is healthy, strong, young and beautiful. GREENS make us alkaline!

i take chlorella DAILY and FOREVER, to cleanse heavy metals from chemtrails, radiation, etc.


yum 🙂 green protein powders :

green protien WITH mesquite, a yummy sweet herb powder:

vegan warrior protein:

SPROUTED chia and flax is the best…fats for beauty:

i take this zeolite DAILY, FOREVER, to cleanse the effects of radition, chemtrails and heavy metals everywhere! i will take this forever!

brain and LIVER food!!

MACA is an adaptogenic, hormone balancer, and ups the sexual ante 😉

brain power:

enzymes, which I take with each meal. they are the secret of life, youth, and beauty

Elixir of the Lake…

And, it is important to cleanse at least every change of season:



Probiotics are intelligent bacteria that keep our gut (and gut-mind) clean:

PURE antioxidant fruits from around the world:

I LOVE my liver! It is the cleanser and detoxer of the body! LOVE these!

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