Womb Grail Shamanism


I have always felt in me a calling and remembering of many lives as a Priestess in connection to Mary Magdalene and the Feminine Christ energy.

In 2013,  I had the opportunity to study with Anaiya Sophia, Priestess of the Rose Line of Mary Magdalene, the co-author of the Womb Wisdom/Womb Shakti books with Padma Aon, who researched and also brought forth the womb work in modern times.  I delved into the facilitator training with her for 7 months, but I did not resonate with her path, and I instead resonated deeply with the womb grail shamanic work of Dr. Azra Bertrand and his wife Seren, who granted me a full scholarship to do their 9-month teacher training program, which I completed in 2015.

This work is not only about the wisdom of the womb, but about living in an ancient consciousness known as spiritual consciousness, shamanic consciousness, Christ consciousness, or Love consciousness, whereby we are connected to our deepest soul, heart, and feelings in such a way that we live as holy transmitters of sacred divine energy, and this is most beautifully lived out when the divine masculine and divine feminine come into a beautiful harmony.

This marriage of the sacred masculine and feminine on earth is called hieros gamos, and I know and believe in my heart that humans are supposed to live this, to live in bliss and love, and foster earth as a garden paradise, with the male and female living in harmony, love, and complementarity, with the spiritual and sexual in beautiful harmony.

I facilitate womb ceremonies as part of my shamanic work, all through phone and skype.

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