Heilkunst/Dynamic Medicine Trauma Release

Andromeda, by Sir Edward Burne Jones, Pre Raphalite Painter, my favorite artist.
He was born in Birmingham and knighted in 1894.


Heilkunst is the beautiful art of deep vibrational energy healing and trauma release. We human beings are composed of various bodies: physical, etheric, astral (emotional) , causal (mental), and spiritual. Having a knowledge of our true inner physiology helps a lot in the healing process. Many diseases are caused at the higher levels, either the mental or emotional bodies; in any case, the psyche and soma are connected and create a feedback loop to each other; we cannot deny one or the other.

By virtue of the fact that the  remedies are energetic, they reach the astral and causal bodies, and then the effects trickle down to the physical body. In other words, it can change our state-of-mind, our thinking, our feeling.

I was very fortunate to study  Heilkunst (the art of becoming whole) vibrational medicine trauma release.


Disease involves the generative power, because true disease (as opposed to imbalance) is a qualitative change in the state of mind.  It can only be removed by a like vibration, which comes in the form of medicine based on Heilkunst. This is why he said that allopathic intervention was a false approach to treatment; it is palliative at best.

Medicine vs. Regimen

Medicine is the law of similars, and functions at the level of the generative power, where disease in engendered and where cure occurs.

Regimen, however,  uses the law of opposites, and acts on the sustentive power. It includes the entire realm of food, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. For example, one may need more of a certain vitamin, mineral, or food. This is an entirely different realm than the realm of energetic medicine, which is like going to the source.

Sequential trauma release

Sequential timeline treatment is another important aspect of Heilkunst, which deeply treats all traumas since birth.

Sequential trauma release was discovered by the Swiss MD, Dr. Jean Elmiger. He wrote all about it in his book, Rediscovering Real Medicine. He was a classical homeopath who found that the remedies were not working effectively because of traumas and iatrogenic (doctor-induced) diseases, such as vaccines and other drugs. He decided to use the homeopathic form of these drugs and vaccines to clear them out of the patient’s energetic aura, and he discovered that as he removed one trauma, the next one magically came up to be treated, and so on, until the original birth trauma.

So what we do for the deepest healing and detoxification possible is to have the patient write out his entire list of traumas since birth, including all drugs, surgeries, accidents, physical and emotional traumas, losses, and harm to the body. We then work backwards from the most recent trauma, removing them, one at a time using the dynamic medicines.  As each trauma is removed, your life changes and many emotions are released. It is a profoundly curative and healing process that changes not only one’s state of mind, but physical and emotional set-up.

I received my degree as a Doctor of Heilkunst  in 2011 from the Hahenmann College for Heilkunst.

I use a radionics technology in my practice, called the CORE INERGETIX which is an advanced technology that can scan the client anywhere in the world for different types of remedies and then beam them radionically.


“As the mother of a son with ADHD, Heilkunst and timeline therapy with Ondyena has been vital! I see such a shift in his attitude and behavior after he uses the remedies. Ondyena is very intuitive, and knows exactly which remedies he needs. I am seeing a happier more confident boy, thanks to this work!
And her shamanic and Heilkunst healing helped me in my own issues more than any other healing technique I have used.  As for my cat, I was  so impressed by how Ondyena and her core machine were able to help my cat heal from chronic illnesses such as kidney disease and food allergies, as well as to understand his emotions and learn how to help him to be happy and content! I saw a reduction of symptoms after our session, and a much happier cat who now purrs and wants to spend time with me, instead of acting depressed and wanting to be alone. I am so happy to see this change in his energy!” –E. Andromeda
“Ondyena Oshyn is absolutely incredible! She completed a 2-year shamanic training course, takes opera singing classes, completed a 4-year doctor of heilkunst, is a certified angel therapy practitioner and a trained holodynamics facilitator. More than this, I cannot emphasize enough how much she has helped me. The sessions with her have changed my life and I am not the same person I was when I began work with her a couple months ago. I have tried almost anything possible to help me and far and away working with her and doing holodynamics has transformed me in a way that the other things could not. She is better than any therapist, treatment or medication I have tried, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found her because I imagine there are very few people who are trained to do the combination of work she does. I cannot recommend her enough, and anyone who is reading this should try a session with her. She literally makes every minute of the session count. You will be very thankful that you did it!! You will never regret it!”
–S. Spowart, Phd in Public Health
Ondyena is truly a gift to this world and each individual she interacts with. She has honed all of her innate gifts into reliable skills that impact her clients life in a positive manner. Every time we meet for a consultation I come out of it more enlightened , healthier and happier. She always gives me complete honest and helpful tools to help me along the path to complete wellbeing! –Kearstin Plemel,


Temperantia by Edward Burne Jones. 1872.


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