Holodynamics healing


Holodynamics is a form of etheric healing (or quantum healing) that was invented by Dr. Vernon Woolfe to heal and cure his clients, such as alcoholics, schizophrenics, and other mentally ill patients.

He not only succeeded in curing and clearing out an entire ward of schizophrenics with this modality, but he has taught it all over the world, and had huge success in Russia in particular, where the people are very etheric and receptive. I researched and tried many many techniques, and found this to be the most effective, along with Heilkunst. Now of course I also use Algonquin shamanism in addition to this.

Dr. Woolfe researched the most cutting-edge quantum science including quantum physics, quantum biology, quantum sociology, and quantum everything (!) to find a way to alchemically transform humans at a higher level, changing the very quantum roots of our self, by connecting to our higher bodies and rooting out negative energy patterns and thoughts, transforming and potentiating them into their higher potential, which is always Light.

I combine various different healing techniques I have learned into my own system. I combine my certifications in Holodynamics, Angel Therapy, and Shamanism to create a deep etheric healing session done all on the inner planes.

It means that I use my inner eye and inner vision as well as my inner senses,  to see what is going on and to work on the soul.


I can teach you to connect to your higher self/sacred self, inner masculine, inner feminine, inner child, and then to work with your holodynes, so you can do it daily. You should be able to access your higher self at any time and have a conversation with him/her and your inner guides at all times! It is totally natural!

I can do these sessions on skype for anyone, anywhere in the world. Time and space does not exist at higher levels.


Here is the founder of Holodynamics, to speak about how it works. Holodynamics is one of the forms of etheric healing that I do:


“Ondyena Oshyn is absolutely incredible! She completed a  2-year shamanic training course, takes opera singing classes, completed a 4-year doctor of heilkunst program, is a certified angel therapy practitioner and a trained holodynamics facilitator. More than this, I cannot emphasize enough how much she has helped me. The sessions with her have changed my life and I am not the same person I was when I began work with her a couple months ago. I have tried almost anything possible to help me and far and away working with her and doing holodynamics has transformed me in a way that the other things could not. She is better than any therapist, treatment or medication I have tried, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found her because I imagine there are very few people who are trained to do the combination of work she does. I cannot recommend her enough, and anyone who is reading this should try a session with her. She literally makes every minute of the session count. You will be very thankful that you did it!! You will never regret it!”  –Sara S, Phd