CORE Inergetix Vibrational Medicine Technology

I am very happy to say that  I am now  using  the CORE INERGETIX, which uses RADIONICS techonology to scan and beam remedies.


Here is a website for the Core if you are interested. (I also can sell the technology, if you are interested!)

It creates a hologram of a you, a person/place/animal/thing, anywhere in the world, within the machine, and it can read you, scan you, at all levels: the physical body, astral body, causal and mental bodies, for every kind of resonance: diseases, homeopathic remedies needed, crystals, flower essences, detox, nutrition, supplements, affirmations, relationship issues, and many different categories that are very specific and accurate, such as aromatherapy, emotional reactions, emotional reason, emotional response, affirmations, etc.  and many many other types of diagnoses at a spiritual level.


The CORE was, of course, founded by a genius German physicist/homeopath/scientist named Kiran Schmidt.
Here are videos of him and the Core, and some testimonials from my own clients below that…

how the core healed a woman:

Core compared to other machines:


what is radionics?











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