Algonquin Sacred Shamanic Medicine Ceremonies


I feel very deeply honoured to have studied for over 2 years with a native shaman in the Piknegawan Algonquin lineage of the Bear clan, and I have completed a 2-year Algonquin shamanism medicine program.

The Bear is known to be the keeper of dreamtime and bear medicine is known to be nurturing because it connects to the womb of the mother.

The lineage that I studied with were originally very great warriors, and they put their warrior power and expertise into healing. I received all of their medicine rites in the traditional shamanic healing over a period of two and a half years. What I really love about this lineage is that it is all about deep soul journeying. Nothing external is needed, such as psychedelics. Just deep beautiful inner journeying with trance work using the breath.

I guide people through the upper, middle, and lower worlds for various purposes, depending on what needs to be done.

Basically, one should start with proper ceremonies for diagnosis  and then work in the lower world, then middle and higher world. We always ask your gatekeeper (guardian of the nervous system) permission to do ceremonies, so there is an order to things and we only work with the flow of Spirit. We cannot force things, and for example, we would not just start off with a past life ceremony into the higher worlds, because usually much work needs to be done first in the lower and middle worlds to prepare. In any case, we would ask permission to your gatekeeper first and then proceed forward to assure that all inner work can integrate gently.

Here is an example of some ceremonies that we do in the different worlds:

BEAR medicine: Lower and middle world journeys. 

Great Fire: The element that our lineage was gifted. It is used to burn toxins in real time and transform negative energies. 

Rainbow web: A ceremony to remove affinities with toxic situations, entities, persons, etc. and clear the aura.

Great fire hands: A ceremony whereby we can work in the body to remove toxins, crystallized energy, etc. 

WOLF medicine: Middle world.

Tracking: this is a diagnostic tool. 

Time travel: A ceremony to remove traumas from past times in this lifetime. 

The assemblage: A diagnostic ceremony whereby we see the client through the eyes of many power animals. Very deep and detailed. 

Entity extraction: Removal of sentient as well as emotional and mental entities. 

The forgiveness ceremony: to forgive self and others. 

OWL MEDICINE: Lower world and Mother Earth’s womb (our womb and Mother’s womb)

Conscious mapping journey: to re-map the terrain of our consciousness, our mind. 

The soul’s reflection journey: to re-map our vision of our self. 

The animal totem journey: to meet our animal totem. 

The Gathering: the most intense, comprehensive soul retreival journey possible. We visit seven different medicine wheels in the lower world,  including healing our original wound (on whatever issue we choose), re-writing agreements, meeting our animal totem, meeting our divine self, and re-writing our healing medicine inside. All in one journey. 

Mother’s milk ceremony: a beautiful ceremony to connect to mother earth nurturing and to remove addictions. 

Journey to meet the lower self: to remove and re-write our defense mechanisms. 

BEAVER medicine: middle world, the quantum self

Formlessness to form: transforming an issue into its pure form

Midewin Field: Quantum creating

Shifting: healing with the field

Chakra cleansing and balancing

The Middle-self ceremony: energetic ceremony to balance the head and the heart.

Inter-dimensional journey: to meet an aspect of our self that has mastered a certain artform or situation. 

Inner body Emotions journey: a ceremony to transform all negative, painful emotions into healing. 

Power retrieval: beautiful ceremony to retrieve our power from persons, places, and things in all times. 

Multi-dimensional journey: journey into our inner sacred sanctuary, to cleanse and heal our inner world and medicine wheel.

The dream catcher: ceremony to transform an issue

TURTLE medicine: middle & upper world, to deal with sorcery and psychic attacks.

Inner sorcerer journey: to heal our own inner sorcerer

The awakened heart: to heal sorcery that you have done to harm others.

The dark forest journeying: I do this on behalf of the client, to see if the client is under psychic attack, and to stop it.

The ancient one: Sacred ceremony to meet your ancient protector who purifies and protects your inner bodies with sacred geometric codes. 

Fire orb: ceremony for protection from psychic attack or any negative situation, place, or person.

Removal of Bindings: to remove all sorts of psychic attack instruments, bindings and armor from this life or past lives.

Cords and cord cuttings: cutting toxic cords that connect us to others. 

Space clearing: ceremony to clear one’s home or workplace.

Water blessing ceremony: to bless water, and ALSO to heal one’s organs.

EAGLE medicine: Upper world.

Journey to meet your spirit guide

Journey to meet an ancestor in your lineage who is deceased.

Past life journey: for healing any issue by going to a past life, and healing it with the help of the ancestors.

The Lightening:  Done before death or a major life change (like name change). A through healing of the clients chakras, auras, and total energy system (TES) to quite literally lighten the clients’ energetic body enabling them to heal, and make a peaceful transition.

Life Review Ceremony: Done before death or for healing, the client tells the entire story of his life. 

Death rites: release of the soul from the body before or right after death. 

The Dreaming: a beautiful ceremony that allows a person to understand their true destiny, why they are here, what they came here to do, and to put their life into context. It also allows a person to perceive their destiny line, or to create one of their own choosing. Please note that destiny is different than fate. Destiny is healed: it is answering the highest calling that you gave yourself before you came into this lifetime to be of service to all life. Fate, however,  is wounded: it is being propelled towards a pre-determined outcome primarily by karma, wounds, and that which has not been resolved. That is why we only do this ceremony after a great deal of healing with other ceremonies. 

Butterfly medicine: lower, upper and middle world (butterfly moves through time and space).

The butterfly ceremony (past, present future): very deep healing that goes into the pre-affinity, past and future to heal an issue. 

Butterfly attunement: very beautiful healing ceremony

Medicine wheel stone healing

The Downward Spiral: healing ceremony for ptsd, strong emotions, or any issue.

Hybrid butterfly gathering:

The Gathering journey, but done with butterfly pre-affinity work. Simply deeper. 

Sacred pattern healing

Dragonfly Medicine: The Way of Infinity

12-Strand DNA Ceremony: to fully activate all 12 strands of our DNA

The Web of Life: to harmonize our total energy system and entrain the web of our aura to Mother Nature’s grids

Astral Projection: A journey into various healing spaces in the astral plane, in the past or present

Akashic Records: I read your Akashic records and give you heailng messages and teachings