Healing Alchemy Arts

I am a Doctor of  Heilkunst and Dynamic Medicine (DHHP),    Angel Therapy Practitioner (c), Womb Grail Shaman Priestess,  Shaman in the Algonquin Lineage, and Certifed Holodynamics Advocate.

I work via phone and skype internationally to offer various deep healing modalities, all of which are described in detail here.

All of the techniques that I use work on the deeper self and inner bodies to deeply transform at a mind, body, emotional and soul level.

My suggestion to new clients is the following sequence of healing:

  1. Heilkunst medicine, which includes regimen (nutrition) and dynamic medicine to release all timeline traumas since birth. The nutrition is an important foundation along with the medicines to release traumas.
  2. Core Inergetix Radionics Technology, which scans the bodies for all dynamic medicines, remedies and flower essences needed, then beaming radionically
  3. Shamanic  journeys done as needed for deep healing of soul fragments and so much more. Clients usually schedule sessions anywhere from once a week to once a month, as needed.



Etheric healing is a form of connecting to our higher bodies and rooting out negative energy patterns and thoughts, transforming and potentiating them into their higher potential, which is always Light.

I combine various different healing techniques I have learned into my own system. I combine my certifications in Holodynamics, Angel Therapy, Algonquin Shamanism   to create a deep etheric healing session done on the inner planes.

It means that I use my inner eye and inner vision as well as my inner senses,  to see what is going on (with my eyes closed of course) and to work on the etheric body and chakra system.



HEILKUNST/Dynamic Medicine(Medicinal alchemy)

Please feel free to read the separate page on this website  for very extensive details about this art.

Heilkunst includes both holistic nutrition (regimen) and medicine, which are the  remedies, all administered radionically.

Basically, I give you  TIMELINE treatment,  which involves the patient writing out his entire list of traumas since birth, including all drugs, medical and dental surgeries, accidents, physical and emotional traumas, losses, and traumas. We then work backwards from the most recent trauma, removing them, one at a time (every 2 or 3 weeks).

As each trauma is removed, your life changes and many emotions are released, and in fact, the next trauma to be release will come up automatically!  It is a profound  process that changes not only one’s state of mind, but physical and emotional set-up. I used this form of deep, alchemical soul medicine to heal my own deep emotional traumas and family miasmatic inheritances, which were quite painful and destructive

I received my degree as a DHHP, Doctor of Heilkunst, in 2011 from the Hahenmann College for Heilkunst.


ANGEL READINGS (and Soul astrology readings)

I  prefer not to do intuitive angel readings anymore because I have found that all readings lead to healing, and I would rather work on healing modalities than simply read. As my shaman says, we don’t read, we RE-WRITE. And, rather than giving you a reading, I prefer to work in re-writing through heilkunst and shamanic work, since angels generally tend to give healing suggestions anyway!

However, for those who desire a pure angel reading, I can do that. I am primarily clairsentient. My readings tune into your angels’ messages for you, as well as any emotional and physical issues that need to be addressed or healed.

In many instances, my angels (intuition) will suggest or administer ethereal remedies, or etheric therapies like inner child healing,  angel therapies, and holistic nutrition advice. Angels want us to be blissful and happy beings, in connection with our divine nature, so they are always seeking to align us with our higher potential. I will bring forth those messages for you.

I can also integrate soul astrology readings into angel readings. This goes into principle psychological and karmic lessons for this life.



I am very happy to say that I am now finally using the most advanced technology in the field of vibrational energy medicine, which is a machine called the CORE INERGETIX, which uses RADIONICS.

Here is a website for the Core if you are interested.


It creates a hologram of a you, a person/place/animal/thing, anywhere in the world, within the machine, and it can read you, scan you, at all levels: the physical body, astral body, causal and mental bodies, for every kind of resonance: diseases, homeopathic remedies needed, crystals, flower essences, detox, nutrition, supplements, affirmations, relationship issues, and many different categories that are very specific and accurate, such as aromatherapy, emotional reactions, emotional reason, emotional response, affirmations, etc.  and many many other types of diagnoses at a spiritual level.

Of course I use this machine according to my many years of Heilkunst study and I have designed many trays to specifically scan according to the Heilkunst system, looking for specific remedy categories.




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