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Goddess Alchemy Arts are the ancient arts of the Divine Feminine.

There was a time when Temple Priestesses were honoured as sacred keepers of  these sacred arts, and as an incarnated Mer-being and Temple Priestess, my entire life has been a journey to live and express every one of these classical divine arts: Meditation, Etheric Healing, Divination, Sacred Singing, Sacred Dance, Beautification, Storytelling, and  Alchemy of the soul. It was not uncommon for a Priestess to practice all of these arts together,  all of which exist via a connection to more subtle, spiritual realms.  The true purpose of the Divine Feminine is to channel the alchemical beauty, love, and grace of higher realms.

Alchemy is the ancient art of transmutation: transforming lead into gold; transforming a more gross object into a more subtle one. I have a passion for spiritual alchemy in all of its beautiful forms, and my life has been dedicated to exploring, learning, and sharing these forms of alchemy, mostly to transmute my own self, in a constant Plutonian process of death and rebirth. The arts that I have delved into all deal with transforming the gross into the more subtle or spiritual, from ethereal singing  that elevates the soul, to transforming the psyche (and soma) with Heilkunst Dynamic Medicine, Shamanic ethereal healing or music.

I started my journey as a child, taking Initiation into an ancient mystical meditation path from my beloved Indian guru (in whose lineage I have been for many lifetimes), and learning to meditate for hours a day on the Inner Light and Sound Current, also known as Surat Shabd yoga, or Yoga of the Inner Light and Sound,  leaving my body for many hours a day, and experiencing the bliss of other realms. This led me to “see” with a different vision, literally, with the inner eye and inner faculties, and to see into the life of people and things; I am an extreme empath, as all merbeings are.  I spent years in India meditating with my beloved teacher, exploring the transcendental realms of mystical, gnostic vision and knowledge.

After many many years on the Eastern mystical path of transcendence, I realized that spiritual transcendence (which David Deida explains as the masculine aspect of spirituality)  cannot take place without deep healing work on the psychological level (which would be the feminine aspect), else we have, as Ken Wilber explains, a lot of psychotic people doing lots of meditation and going to higher plans, but with very fragmented psyches.

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As an eternal student, I have delved into the journey of healing via endless techniques, starting with deep Reichian therapy, Jungian therapy, Holodynamics, Angel Therapy, Heilkunst Dynamic Medicine (a bio-resonance medicine which energetically releases all of our timeline of traumas from birth, one at a time), and various Shamanic practices:  Algonquin Shamanic Medicine and Womb Shamanic Medicine, which I now combine in my own form of etheric therapy, guiding people to connect to their inner world, connect to their guides and angels, and transform wounded fragments into Light, transform pain into love.

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I was raised on the beach in California, but spent significant years of my life in spiritual study abroad, both in Mexico and India. I speak Fluent English, Spanish, French, Hindi, some Italian, and basic German.

I am an elf-mermaid hybrid. The elves are the ones that maintain the blueprint of Paradise on Earth, and this is what I have always envisioned and desired in my heart: for all beings to heal all soul fragments, and come into our divine nature, so that Paradise can indeed come on Earth; this is the only vision of Mother Earth that resonates with my heart!

I am a true nerd, and live as a a temple priestess and introvert  in sunny California.

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