My Singing


I am a coloratura soprano, and I sing sacred ethereal music in Hindi, Italian, French, English, and Spanish.

My background is both classical Western singing and Indian devotional singing, all with the purpose of transcendence, meditation, and healing.


My videos are on this site:


Here is my operatic singing in the symphonic metal genre, which I recorded with a very amazing musician in Mexico who played all of the instruments and did all of the composing.



Here is the divine sufi poetry of RUMI, for meditation, and healing….Sufi poetry is about the yearning for DIVINE LOVE:


Here is some Indian devotional singing, which I studied for a while in India, but mostly have brought over from past lives:


Here is a mystical Spanish song: (I lived in Mexico for several years, and could not understand my deep spiritual connection to the land, until I saw a past life there as a medicine woman living in the jungle.)



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