the sites of william mistele, author of UNDINES, who researches and writes about human mermaids:,


my raw food guru, the real deal!


a site for children of mothers with borderline personality disorder (mothers as emotional terrorists):


all about the curative qualities of ocean water and ocean water transfusions:


all about birth without trauma, orgasmic birth:


excellent website with documentaries on hidden knowledge and truths:


all about starseeds and beings from other star systems:


the electric universe theory all about plasma,  which makes gravity theory obsolete:


all about deep psychotherapeutic healing, and connecting to your spirit guides/inner guidance:


all about inner light and sound meditation (surat shabd yoga), and the great spiritual master kirpal singh:


the site of david wilcox, very cool lightworker who has pulled together ancient science and modern knowledge:


all about raw foods and raising children naturally:,


about the mayan calendar:



cool site about ancient wisdom and science:




all about heilkunst, the deeper study of homeopathy:


rudolf steiner archives:


good site explaining character types and the deep therapy of wilhelm reich:


website of riane eisler, author of THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE, and SACRED PLEASURE, all about patriarchal religions and the history of Goddess and Goddess religions, and inventor of a new paradigm called caring economics.




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