My Show: The Mermaid Chronicles

Aloha, lovely one!

My name is Ondyena and I created my show, THE MERMAID CHRONICLES, along with this website, to take you on a journey through the magical art of deep soul  alchemy, as well as my life as an incarnated mermaid-elf.

My life has taken me on a unique journey through spiritual realms and higher realities, including deep healing and the arts that come out of that journey…I believe that true art is an expression of the Divine, a channeling of divine impulses.

I have always been obsessed with understanding cosmos and psyche, both the macrocosm and microcosm: the cosmos without, and the worlds within, as well as the dichotomy between masculine and feminine, mystical and material, dark and light. This site is about my journey through those realms, and the alchemy I have experienced and can share with you.

I believe that many of us beings now on Earth have incarnated to bring forth a new era, where heaven and earth will touch again, and humans will remember their divine nature, and transcend consciousness to the divine…there was a time on earth where paradise existed on earth, where humans lived in a Golden Age; many of us remember this time and are here to bring this era again, the return of the Divine Feminine. (I have always loved philosophy, and it really is philo-sophia: love of the Divine Sophia).

I am an incarnated mermaid-elf; Angel therapy practitioner (c) certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue,  Doctor of Heilkunst Dynamic Medicine  (release of deep emotional traumas), Shaman in the Algonquin lineage, Meditator, and Coloratura Soprano.

I offer private consulations via phone or skype internationally.

I speak fluent English, French, Spanish, Hindi, conversational Italian and very, very basic German.

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  1. ha,! left a comment on the wrong page oh well…. well might as well introduce myself my name is Holly and I have been trying to figure out what realm of the earthangels I am from. I know I am an elemental my mentor pointed that one out strait away. I just am not sure which kind, you see I have dreams of being underwater all the time except just like that the water turns to air and I am both swimming and flying. I know I have mermaid attributes but I also identify with other elementals such as elves, and fae. I am also a Christian and identify with angels and I have even seen them once. I am a Gemini so for me there is a need to know who and what I am at the core because of my constantly shifting nature I hope you can help. All the other sites I have tried to contact won’t reply back. Thanks again all love and light Holly!

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